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General Frederick Roome

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Artist: Frederick Buck

A portrait miniature of General Frederick Roome painted on ivory by Frederick Buck.

Irish circa 1805.

Frederick Buck was born in Cork, Ireland, in 1771. He was the younger brother of  the highly regarded artist, Adam Buck and probably learned his trade at the Dublin Society’s drawing school where a pupil of his name was entered in 1783. He practised as a miniature painter in his hometown for many years; firstly in Mardyke Street, and then Fen’s Quay before George’s Quay from where he worked for many years. 

The Peninsular War was good for Buck, Cork being a busy port of embarkation of the troops. During these years Buck was asked to record the likeness of so many officers and others, and in such short time, that he kept partially prepared ivory panels to which he could simply add the appropriate head and regimental facings; the resulting immediacy of his portraits making them popular then as now. Frederick was successful in his profession and was able to retire some years before his death. His last address was in Buckingham Square.

Frederick Roome was born in Marylebone, London, May 6th 1783. He rose to the rank of Major General in the British Indian Army. He died in  Bombay, India, in 1845 and was buried there.

The ivory registered with DEFRA.


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