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French Lantern Stick

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A fine quality French brass lantern candlestick, the nozzle, made in two halves and of seamed construction, unscrews from the base and this in turn has a separate bobeche. French circa 1745. Stamped to the edge of the base with a C beneath a crown mark. (C for cuivre, or copper, the main component of bronze), a tax mark struck on copper alloy merchandise when sold or resold in France between February 1745 and February 1749. This candlestick can only be of this date or earlier.

Drawing on text from Making Fire & Light by John Caspall, it is apparent that socketless lanterns of the 17th and 18th centuries were lighted by a long-burning, tall candle, held by a short candlestick. These lanterns, bronze framed with four glass sides and a glass base, were for the grand houses of the rich and the candlesticks employed within them were of commensurate quality and now of considerable rarity.

dia:4 in x h:4 5/8 in


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