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A Fine Portrait by Hugo Von Bouvard

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Artist: Hugo Von Bouvard

A fine and engaging portrait by this artist of the Vienna Secession, Hugo Von Bouvard. Signed, top right, and dated 1928.

Within the original silver leaf frame. 

o.s:33.5 inches x 41 inches.

Bouvard was born in Vienna in 1879 and 

from 1908 studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Rudolf Bacher. In 1910 he began studying at Heinrich Knirr's private school in Munich and then at Dachau and Karlsruhe under Hans Muller. In 1913 he toured to France, England, Scotland, Spain, Scandinavia and Russia. in 1914 he was conscripted to the army and sent to the front, being made a war artist in 1915. In 1921 he joined the Vienna Secession. After a decade living in England, between 1938 and 1948, he returned permanantly to Vienna, becoming a memeber of the Vienna Kunstlerhaus. He was a regular exhibitor at both the Vienna Secession and the Kunstlerhaus.


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