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Field Marshall von Blücher by Stobwasser

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Stobwasser snuff box painted with a portrait of Field Marshall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Prince of Wahlstatt (1742-1819) after the work by Eduard Ströhling (1768-1826).


Brunswick,Germany, circa 1830.


dia:3.75 in x .75 in


Field Marshall von Blücher famously commanded the Prussian Cavalry Corps during the Napoleonic wars. When war broke out between France and Prussia in 1813 he returned to active service aged just 71. At the Battle of Ligny, June 1815, the last victory in Napoleon's military career, Blücher was severely injured and the Prussians retreated. After recovering, Blücher resumed his command and joined Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo, with the intervention of Blücher's army playing a decisive role in the final allied victory.


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