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Eton College Constable

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A fine, full length portrait in watercolour of 'Bott, the last College Constable of Eton'........

(inscribed to the reverse).

Inscribed in pencil, lower right hand side, 'Painted by W. Bambridge, pencil & pen sketch 1852'. Provenance: Exhibited at the Eton Exhibition 1947. No. 95.


Within a fine period moulding frame veneered with bird's eye maple veneer and with a gilt slip sight edge. 


13 in x 15.5 in 


The Last College Constable; Honest Old Bott. Recorded as a well known sight in his long coat of Eton blue with college arms embroidered on his sleeve and in a glazed top hat, he was responsible for the due maintenance of law and order; the ne'er-do-wells of the Eton area giving him a wide berth. He was known to be a veteran of Albuera and Waterloo.


Probably by the William (Samuel) Bambridge (1819-1879) recorded by the National Portrait Gallery as being born in Windsor and returning there from New Zealand in 1848. From 1854 he was regularly employed by the Royal Family acting as photographer, printer and organiser of the Queen's private negatives. 


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