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Encaustic Tile Designed by Pugin

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This tile is a fine example from Pugin’s oeuvre and was designed for the sanctuary of a church. Originally part of large carpet-like design, this tile would have been in the company of the other three evangelists. ((Matthew, an angel, Luke, a winged ox (our stock number 4027), and John, an eagle)); the symbols being established during the Medieval period. The re-working of this symbolic imagery, together with Minton’s revival of encaustic tile manufacture, underlines a collaborative reference to this earlier period. 

The designs for the four tiles appear in A.W.N. Pugin’s 'Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament' (1846); this tile being produced at around that date, middle of the 19th century. It measures approximately 6 inches square.


Item Code: 4026

£ 1350

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