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Droll. Welladay Is This My Son Tom

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An eighteenth century mezzotint droll mocking the extremes of "macaroni" fashion.

We see a fashionably dressed young man meeting with his astonished father, perhaps a prosperous farmer, dressed in his old-fashioned and long lived in garb. Tom, after a time living in London, has adopted the dress favoured by British dandies during the 1770s. He wears tight breeches tied at the knee with ribbands, two watches seals falling below his waistcoat, a long tasseled walking stick and an enormous toupee wig adorned with side curls and a huge "club" hanging down at the back. The ridiculous size of this headpiece is accentuated by a tiny cocked hat.

Engraved by a John Dickinson after the work by Samuel Hieronymous Grimm, a Swiss artist working in London at this time. (He died in London in 1794). This version published by S. Sledge of Henrietta Street, Covent Garden.

Within a period, perhaps original, carved and parcel gilded ‘Hogarth’ frame.  

o.s: 16.5 in x 12.5 in 



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