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The Death of Admiral Lord Nelson

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The Death of Admiral Lord Nelson, engraving, by Willliam Bromley after the original work by Arthur William Devis, published in 1813 by Boydell & Co.

Within the original gilt moulding frame.

26.5 in x 21.5 in  

Nelson's portrait was painted from a posthumous sketch of the body that Devis made on board the Victory on its return to England in December 1805. Standing in the  centre at the back is the Victory's Captain, Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, and beneath him is the surgeon, William Beatty, and Nelson's steward, William Chevallier. The ship's chaplain, Dr Alexander Scott rubs Nelson's chest. Immediately to Nelson's left, Walter Burke, the Purser, supports Nelson's pillow. Amongst others are shown Lieutenant John Yule and Midshipman Edward Collingwood and Gaetano Spedillo, Nelson's Neapolitan valet, is seen in profile to the left, full-length and holding a glass in his left hand.


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