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Davison's Nile Medal 1798

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Nelson's victory at the mouth of the Nile was celebrated his prize agent, Alexander Davison, with the issuing of the Nile Medal in 1799, designed by Heinrich Kuchler. 

Engraved around the rim "A TRIBUTE OF REGARD, FROM ALEXr DAVISON ESQr. St. JAMES'S SQUARE-". (somewhat bruised).

To the obverse is the figure of Peace supporting a medallion portrait of Lord Nelson and to the reverse ‘Victory of The Nile August 1st 1798” and the inscription "Almighty God has blessed his Majesty's Arms". 

There were four grades. Gold, awarded to Nelson and his captains, silver, awarded to lieutenants and warrant officers, copper-gilt, awarded to petty officers and bronzed copper, as here, awarded to ratings, marines, etc. Originally issued without a suspender, many recipients added a ring to enable the medal to be worn. This example has not been suspended. 

Knocked around the edge, otherwise sharp and with a good patina. 

1 7/8 inch diameter.


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