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Cut & 'Repoussé' Card Basket of Flowers

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A cut & 'repoussé' card relief picture of a basket of flowers on a shelf; a fine example of this genre of work which is rarely seen.

When this art work is encountered it would appear to be by the same hand. Aways the same straw-coloured paper for the subject and mounted onto a cobalt coloured paper. The  card is cut to replicate the flower heads in the arrangement by cutting to the shape of the flower's petals and then working them from behind, as in repoussé worked metal, and then building up each separate flower and accompanying foliage; passionflower, pinks, chrysanthemum and asters.

If still within the original box frame it will be as this, with ebonized sides and a carved pearwood surround.

A pair of such pictures were sold by Lawrences of Crewkerne in 1998 before being sold again in 2009, this time through Christies with the provenance as being with Alastair Sampson Antiques Ltd.

12.75 in x 14.75 in 



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£ 2400

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