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Coronelli's Large Map of Africa

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A large, two part map of Africa, produced by perhaps the most influential of Italian mapmakers, Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, in Venice circa 1690.


Within a fine, handmade and decorated modern frame, overall dimensions being 40.75 in x 29.75 in.


This map of Coronelli's is highly decorative with many topographical features and place names. It is more accurate than most of the period. The mapmaker claims to have been the first to correctly describe the source of the Nile, being Lake Tsana, Abyssinia.

Vincenzo Coronelli was born in Venice in 1650 and became especially well known for  his atlases and globes. Towards the end of the 1670's he was commissioned to produce a set of globes for the Duke of Parma. They were five feet in diameter and led to a further commission, this time from the French 

King, Louis XIV. Coronelli moved to France for this commission, living there for two years. The globes produced weigh 2 tons and measure a huge 12.5 feet in diameter. Following on from this, Coronelli travelled Europe producing globes for the rich and famous, returning to Venice around 1705 where he died in 1718.


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