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Copenhagen, 'My Horse'

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Engraving titled 'My Horse' after a study by Sir Edwin Landseer of The Iron Duke's favourite mount, Copenhagen.

Published 'London, May 21st 1851 by F.G. Mount, Her Majesty's Publisher.' Rare, with wide margins, excellent condition. Mid 20th century dark grey stained oak frame.

Overall dimensions: 17.5 in x 23 in 

Copenhagen was the Duke's mount during the Battle of Waterloo, carrying him for 17 hours continuously during the battle After waterloo The Duke continued to ride Copenhagen in parades and at other ceremonial events. He was retired to the Duke's Stratfield Saye House where he lived as a pensioner for the remainder of his long life. Copenhagen was said to, "like being noticed" and "kissed hands and ate his apples with all possible grace."


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