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Company School Mica Paintings

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Twelve Indian paintings in heavily pigmented colours on sheets of mica to be overlaid onto a gouache coloured card painted with a single face; the characters depicting various characters from daily life.

Produced during the 19th century at Murshidabad, Patna, Benares and Oudh in northern and eastern India, and from Trichinopoly in southern India.

Like other Company School paintings executed on paper in these regions, mica paintings were also primarily addressed to European settlers in India and therefore dealt mainly with local themes, including professions, such as washerman, gardener, cook, fish and vegetable vendor, or musicians and street acts.

This toy has an English counterpart in the fashion dolls of the Regency period whereby a printed figure of a lady in undergarments could be dressed in various fashionable outfits with cut out and fold around gloves, bonnets and dresses.

Indian mid 19th century. 

3.25 in x 4.5 in 


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£ 1200

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