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Chinese Tea Merchants Tea Chest

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Mid 19th century Chinese Tea Merchant's Tea Chest, fluently decorated with black ink, the method being developed in England and America during the eighteenth century as 'penwork'. Chests such as this were packed by the tea producers, carried to the shippers, and then by Tea Clipper to The West. 

Dating from the middle of the 19th century, this chest measures w:17.75 in x d:13 in x h:15.25 in 

By the middle of the 19th century informal races were taking part as ships vied with each other to bring the season's new crop of leaves to market each year. In 1866 the greatest clipper race took place when ten clippers set sail from Fouchow for London. So finely tuned were the Tea Clippers of their day, and the crews that sailed them, that the three leaders arrived within two hours of each other. After 99 days at sea and 15,800 miles negotiating the China Sea, Indian Ocean, the Cape of Good Hope and The Azores, Taeping docked in London just 28 minutes before Ariel and an hour and a half before Serica. So close together were the front two finishers that the race was declared a tie and the prize, or 'premium' was shared. 


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