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Bronze Medal Louis XVIII by ANDRIEU

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Bronze medal commemorating Louis XVIII and The Holy Alliance of 1815.

To the obverse is the bust of 'LVDOVICVS XVIII' and' FRANC ET NAV REX. Beneath the truncation is the name of the designer; ANDRIEU F. To the reverse 'REGNIS EVROPAE CONCORDIA STABILIENDIS', on the shield at centre 'GALLIA AVSTRIA BORVSS (for Prussia) ANGLIA RVSSIA, SACRO FOEDERE IVNCTAE, in exergue ACCESSIT GALLIA NOVEMB MDCCCXV'; signed F GATTEAUX. Allegorical figures facing each other in front of a shield and a group of standards bearing the arms of the Great Powers involved in the Napoleonic Wars; that of Britain is at the back, half covered, with a unicorn behind the right figure.

dia: 2 inches


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