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Billy Boy Sloop Accommodation

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Artist: Francois Carlebur, Jun.

'Accommodation', a Billy Boy Sloop portrayed in pen, ink and watercolour by Francois Carlebur, Jun. (1821-1893) off of Dordrecht in 1850.

Francois Carlebur was apprenticed at the age of 16 to the marine painter J.S. Schotel, both artists from Dordrecht. From soon after painting this portrait his style became freer and more impressionistic. He was interested in photography from the early days of the invention and is thought to have been taught by the great Daguerre himself, traveling to Paris in 1848. He became a professional photographer, although he eventually returned to painting.

A Billy-Boy was a small round-sterned trading craft peculiar to the Humber and the Wash; often clinker built and rigged as a cutter with square top-sails or as a ketch.

Dutch for the English market, circa 1850.

overall size 31.75 in x 25 in

within the verre églomisé border: 22 in x 16 in

The engraved brass plate to the fine mahogany frame stating that the Accommodation is from Hull, of 110 tons burden, owned and commanded by G. Beeforth Newton.

George Beeforth Newton held his Masters Certificate and is recorded as owning and sailing his own craft, trading to the North Sea and Baltic ports. His father was involved in the whale fisheries industry. George married Helen Rowe and together they had 7 children, four daughters and three sons. The youngest son was Alfred who became Sir Alfred James Newton, 1st Baronet. He was involved in the stock market flotation of several large and privately owned stores including Harrods and D.H. Evans. He became Lord Mayor of London in 1900 and was instrumental in establishing the City of London Imperial Volunteers who fought in the Second Boer War. Mystery surrounds his death in 1921 from strychnine poisoning.  






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