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Big Portrait of a Big Man

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A large and beautifully presented oil painted portrait of a Georgian gentleman sat before a  curtain opened onto a view of a range of mountains. His jewellery, a watch chain with three fobs, and a mourning brooch, is conspicuously presented to the viewer; they are the only detailed element in the portrait. 

Within a fine Georgian gilt gesso frame. Lined and on a new supporting stretcher. 

o.s: 41.5 in x 50.5 in 

It is a possibility that this portrait was commissioned to mark our young man inheriting his estate, as presented to the viewer through the window behind him. Mourning attire was not as well regulated by fashion at the turn of the 18th century as it was during the following Victorian era, however, during a period of mourning 'men wore black armbands, black gloves and some wore black cravats'. And instructions to court going into mourning for his late Royal Highness the Duke of Kent.........the ladies to wear black azins, etc., etc., ...... the gentlemen to wear black cloth, without buttons on the sleeves or pockets.'


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£ 5800

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