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Bentwood Box

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According to Pinto, these boxes were made for many purposes, often the storage of food; by the 19th century more often for fashionable bands and ruffs, hence their being called 'band boxes'.


The grey painted interior to this box, along with its size, suggest it was made for the storage of food. This box has a lid and perhaps a base of ash; the bands are of a wood almost without grain. It is made of wood throughout with willow stitches and tiny wooden pegs to fix the bands to the base and lid. Again, according to Pinto, Bentwood boxes 'may consist of either three or four components- the top, the bottom, the box rim and, in English and American examples, the lid rims.' This charming little box may therefore be either American or English although Scandinavia still feels like a correct attribution for origin. It is certainly 18th century. Conjoined initials 'SK' are cut into the base.


w:5 in x d:3 in x h:2.75  in


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