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Bee Constant. Skillet from Thomas Strurton II

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Seventeeth century loam-cast bronze skillet from the South Petherton, Somerset foundry of Thomas Sturton II. The handle cast with the motto, Bee Constant; the body bearing the scratch marks of Thomas Sturton II. 


8 inches diameter x 4 inches deep. 


The Sturton foundry were responsible for a remarkable graduated set of skillets bearing mottos cast into their handles; dated examples  include 1670, 'THIS IS GOOD WARE' and 'WIL THIS PLES YOV', 1672. All are much rarer than those of their neighbouring competitors, the Fathers foundry.


Roderick Butler and Christopher Green suggest that this is most likely due to the fact that the Fathers foundry adopted sand-casting over loam, bringing greater efficiency to the process.


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