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Archibald Thorburn. Young Blackbird (Female)

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The head of a Young Blackbird (Female), watercolour by Archibald Thorburn. Provenance with Mealands (Knightsbridge) Ltd and within the oak frame original to this provenance; listed amongst the stock on their trade label are 'Thorburn Proofs'.

Initialled by the artist 'AT' base of the bird's chest. 

Archibald Thorburn. British, 1860-1935.

6.5 in x 4.25 in 

o.s:11.75 in x 10.25 in 

Finding watercolour the most expressive medium with which to capture the immediacy of nature, Archibald Thorburn was one of the first British wildlife artists to go into the field and take sketches from life. It was his experience, knowledge and direct observation from nature that was to separate his work from his contemporaries.

As his pupil George Lodge said of Thorburn, (he is) 'the greatest ornithological artist, superior to all his contemporaries in the same field'.


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