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Apple Scoop 1876

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One of the oldest utensils known to man…..and woman. The scoop, usually considered for dealing with an apple but equally so for cheese or the suchlike.

Similar have been excavated from Stone Age sites and throughout time thereafter. A sheep shank, knuckle left in tact to naturally form a handle, the bone cut short to around 5 inches and whittled down to leave a little less than half of the hollow open, tapered at its end.

A scoop. With this tool one who had no teeth was able to deal with a crisp raw apple. Known in some parts of England as a scuppit, there is a superstition that it was unlucky to use another’s scuppit, (never more so than now!). It became customary to throw away the scoop of the dead, this thought to be the reason for the prevalence of such things, especially those made of bone.  

The handle of our humble scoop is engraved with a spider’s web, and along the shank with the owners name between a love heart and the date, 1876 AD.

5.25 inches long



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