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Alpheus and Arethusa

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A fine 19th German snuff box by Stobwasser, the cover painted with the legend of Alpheus and Arethusa, titled within in red script 'Arethusa flicht vor den Flussgott Alpheus'.

The story from mythology  tells of Arethusa, bathing in a river when she meets Alpheus. Feeling something stirring in the depths beneath her she hurriedly left the water, being chased by Alpheus. When exhausted, Arethusa called upon her goddess, Artemis, who turned her into a spring of water. However, this did not free her from Alpheus who turned himself back into a river and flowed into the tunnel joining with the water of Arethusa's fountain. It is said that if you throw something into the Alpheus in Greece, it will turn up into Arethusa's well in Sicily.

German circa 1810.

dia:3 3/4in x 15/16 in


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