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Alexander the First, Emperor of all the Russias

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Alexander the First, Emperor of all the Russias. Stipple engraving. 

Painted by Mr. Volkoff, Member of the Academy of Arts at St.Petersburg. Engraved by Henry Meyer, G.t Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London.

London Published by Mess.rs Colnaghi & Co. Cockspur Street, 1814.

Published to celebrate the occasion of Alexander’s visit to London as a victorious ally in 1814.

Arranged between the first Paris peace conference that had ended with the signing of the First Treaty of Paris on 30 May and the opening of the Congress of Vienna in September, the visit was to last all of three weeks, from 6 to 27 June. 

Within the original fine English moulding frame, gilt with crossed ribbons at the centre edges.

19 in x 25 in 


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