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Diorama of a Pilot Coble

Portrait of a Lady

The Favourite Rabbit & Tom and His Pigeons

Pair of stipple engravings St.James & St.Giles

Sculptor's Stand

A True Scotsman

Painted Book Barrow

The Letter 'T'

Victorian Schoolboy

Pair of Ebonized Frames

Admiral Lord Nelson of the Nile

Lady Elizabeth Compton

Three Princesses

Wellington at Prince Arthur's First Birthday

Automaton Hare Walking Stick

Massive Walking Stick

Boars Tusk Walking Cane

Baculum Broach

George I Filigree Topped Cane

Georgian Mariner's Cane

A Sailor's Swagger stick

French Bulldog Cane

Folk Art Map Powder Horn

St. George Yacht Club, Dublin

Chinese Export Teacaddy

Austrian Bronze Horse


Pillar Box Desk-Piece

Coral Candlesticks

Sword-Hilt Candlesticks

Taj Mahal

Fine Victorian Folio Stand

Orientalist Lamps

Colonial Walking Stick

River Launch Wheel

Nickel Spectacles

Robert Street Two Pint Skillet

Gold & Malacca Walking Cane

Canoe Prow, Trobriand Islands

Nelson & Foudroyant Walking Stick

Portrait of a Fine Young Man

Vine Cane

Georgian Spit Jack

Sailor's Cane

Stella Pitt-River's Oak Box

Old London Watermain

Warthog Tusk Walking Stick

Snake-Handled Walking Stick

Sectional Horn Cane

Copper-Alloy Pricket Candlesticks

Folk Art Scratchwork Cane

Lady's Head Cane

Tooth and Vertebrae

Table Post Box

Whale's Tooth Walking Stick

Screwhorn Antelope Toasting Fork

A Collector's Cabinet

Admiral Nelson & Lord Duncan

Piqué-Work Cane

Hedgerow Walking Stick

Exceptional Breadboard

Pair Lampe a Moderateur

Silver Lidded Tobacco Pot

Model Anchor

Framer's Royal Mould

Dutch Sewing Basket

Campaign/Travelling Chess Table

Decoy Pigeon

P.C. 51 Whirligig

Euro Millions!

A Lady's Maid

A Handsome Portrait by Ludwig Guttenbrunn

Horse & Jockey by Joseph Maiden

An Unusual and Interesting Candlestick

silver leash link

Penny-in-the-Slot Tobacco Dispenser

Grocer's Beam Scale & Weights

Bronze Pricket Candlestick Circa 1620

Vienna Bronze Fig parrots

Vienna Bronze Snipe

George II Brass Candlesticks

George II Petal-Based Brass Candlesticks

Pair of Tavern Candlesticks

18th Century Chimney Crane

Georgian Copper Teapot

British Army Lancer & Bandsman

Half-Hull Diorama

Officer Fireman's Helmet

Brass Fireman's Helmet

Nickel Candlesticks

High Stepping Girls

Early Victorian Tortoiseshell Framed Spectacles

Miniature La Sainte Bible

Three French Curtain Tie-Backs

A Pair of Curtain Tie-Backs

Claude Glass

Rare, Early, Folding Spectacles

Newman's Claude Glass

Gray Glass

Cut Glass Teacaddy or Sugar Box

Dental Hygiene Tools

Victoria Queen MDCCCLIII

Angel Offering Lilies

Mr. & Mrs Ridding by James Sharples

The Honourable Augustus Keppel

Cast Glass Gem With a Profile of Voltaire

Intaglio: Cupid Holding a Buttefly

Cast Glass Gem Renaissance Lion

Large Sperm Whale' Tooth

Edward Rumens Skillet

Whitechapel Mortar

John Locke by Tassie

17th Century Anvil

A Collection of Hearth Tools

A Large Cauldron by Francis Sturton I

'Praies God For All'

A very substantial Bronze Ring Door-Knocker

Four Large Glass Fishing Floats

A.L.C. Inglefiled

Spelling Alphabet

Spirit Barrels

Chemist's Cabinet

Lignum Vitae Fid

Barque of the Royal Thames Yacht Club

Robert Burns Snuff Box

S.S. Lightning

Clifton Family Vesta

Diamond Jubilee Vesta

Longcase Watch Hutch

Doll's House Suite

'Energy' by Lucas Lucas

Cut Glass Teacaddy or Sugar Box


Tobacco Box

Lord Kitchener

Massive Horn Beakers

Rare Spice Box

Friends in the Stable

Tortoiseshell & Gold Snuffbox

Boule D'escalier

Cut Glass Teacaddy or Sugar Box

A Bouquet of Paper Flowers

Stable Scene by Claude Ferneley

E.A. Inglefield

Major John Hunter Littler

Mother-o-Pearl Box by Lund's

Mennecy Bonbonnier

Napoloeonic Prisoner of War Snuffbox

Butler's Flap

Jack Tar's Hat

Pair of Lely Frames

Silver Tobacco Box

Exceptional Snuff Mull

Georgian Level

'Instruction & Amusement' Alphabet

Ecclesiastical Candlestick

Microscope Slide Cabinet

Racehorse by George Paice

Artist' Lay Figure

Brass & Iron-Mesh Nursery Fender

Mariner's Compass & Love Heart Valentine

The Beggar in Anne of Brittany

Lady in Jade Earrings

Love & Wine

Spirit Wagon

whiskey Wagon

Spirit Barrel on a Rustic Stand

Bentwood Box

Fox Mask Doorstop

Militia Steel

Royal Jamaica Steam Yacht

H.M.S. Vestal

A Perspective View of Admiralty House

William IV Tray Stand

The Sportsman

Tasting & Seeing. 18th Century Glass Pictures

Mr. T.P.Cook as Vanderdecken

Early Victorian Plate-Stand

A Wool-Work Vase of Flowers

Child's Wheelbarrow

Plate Stand

Carved Ebony Davenport

Two Fine Plate-Stands

Wire Fender

Writing Box on Stand

Oak Plate-Stand

The Falls of Niagara

The Death of Captain Cook

Maritime Stick-Stand

King Charles I; King Charles II

Army & Navy Campaign Chest

Francis, Duke of Bedford

Alexander the First, Emperor of all the Russias

Rear Admiral Lord Nelson

Louis Wain: The Good Puss & The Naughty Puss

Carved Wood Frame

Wheat from 1863

The Xmas Academics

George II Square Based Brass Candlesticks

Frederick the Great

Georgian Silver Soup Ladle

Georgian Folding Brass Lantern

Regency Tray Stand

Polly Jones

The Prince of Saxe Cobourg

Campaign Writing Box

Admiral Lord Nelson.......

Engraved Brass Tobacco Box

Luigi Marchesi.

Rococo Wall Lights

Mughal Brass Box

Seventeenth Century Shallow Brass Ladle

Four Views by Thomas Jefferys

Dutch Kettle Bucket

Octagonally Based Brass Candlesticks

Alphonse Giroux Coin Collectors Cabinet

Eighteenth Century Shallow Ladle

Louis XVI Three Branch Candlebra

E.V.Kenealy's Portable Desk

Chestnut Horse in a Stable

Child's Chair

Indo-Portuguese Travelling Box

Campaign moustache cup

Silver Cased Surveyors Meaasure

Child's Chair

Tiny Shoes

Nickel-Bound Mahogany Boxed Decanters

Brass-Bound Mahogany Box

George Denys' Dressing Box

Deck Chair

Regency Samovar

Gondola Chair

Sugar Loaf Cutters

Rogers Pruning Saw

'Veles' by Lucas Lucas

17th Century Mortar

Flour Dredger

Straw Marquetry Picture

Neo-Classical Book Carrier

Eton Boater for the "Dreadnought"

Eton Boater for the "St George"

Eton Boater for the "Victory"

Eton Boater for The Prince of Wales

Robert Kingswell's Drinking Horn

Vienna Bronze Cat Ironing

Vienna Bronze Wren

Italian Lenses

A Boatswain's Cosh

Waistcoat Snuffbox

Nickel Fork

Corncob Breadknife

Crusie Lamp

Friesland Mangling Board

Waiting Room

Regency Brass Fender

The Old Summer Palace

Running Dog Teacaddy

18th Century Side-Eject Candlesticks


The Turkish Merchant by Sadler & Green

An Elegant Couple by Sadler & Green

An Interesting Candlestick

Military Campaign Bookcase

Georgian Fender

The Fortune Teller

Jewellery Casket alla Certosina


Silver Meat Skewers

Howell & James Sewing Box

A late 18th or Early 19th Century Candlestand

Napoleonic Dominoes

Double Cup Measure

A Set of Huntsman's Buttons

Rectangular Protractor

Victorian Folio Stand

Coffee Pot-Pepper Pot

Unusual Candlestick

Tobacco Stopper with Viol

T. Sorby Model-Maker's Planes

Victorian Sector

His Royal Highness

Birmingham Ring Gauge

Large Map of London

The Mariners New Kalendar

Napoleonic Dominoes

Christy Hat Measure

Travelling Lamp by Fisher

Silver Travelling Lamp

Gun Case for John Manton & Son

Four-Fold Ruler With Sliding Measure

Georgian Sector

Regency Bronze Lampbase

William Bullock Regency Lamp

Lady Rushout & Daughter

Regency Bronze Lampbase

Garden Gate Photograph Frame

Steamer Chair

"Paolo & Francesca"

Indian Rice Measure

Indian Grain Measure

An Indian Measure

Indian Food Measure

A Hedgerow Harvest

Fine strawberries. All ripe! all ripe!

Admiral Samuel Barrington

A Trip to Epson and Back

Jonathan Holden's Gun Case

A pair of paintings of The Brigantine Eugenie

Folding Easel

A Fine Mahogany Box

Library Ladders

Georgian Feltwork Bouquet

Cappriccios by Thomas Compigne

A pair of paintings of the Consul Kaestner

Billy Boy Sloop Accommodation

A (Derelict) Doll's House

Bronze Cannon


A Fine Doll's House

False Tree-Trunk Planters

War & Peace

Fashionable Young Lady

St Devenick Entering Leghorn 1865

Flowers & Butterflies

The Four Seasons

Kitchen Dredger

Single French Candlestick

Lord Anglesea in Plasnewydd

An Extraordinary Paktong Candlestick

A Georgian Silk-Work Bouquet

Britannia and Her Supporters 

Copper-Alloy Capstan-Based Candlestick

Mounted Coco de Mer

Pont Neuf

The Four Times of the Day

Bandolier Bag

City of Delhi

The Letter 'N'

Wooden Printing Block

Vienna Bronze Chestnut Stallion

Russian Bear Paperweight

Charger Stand

Spaniel Card Clip

Eighteenth Century Book-Box


Model-Makers Rope Walk

Substantial Neoclassical Candlesticks

Portuguese Candlestick

Carlsbad Souvenir Tea Caddy

A Set of Four Curtain Tie-Backs

Paul Pry

Pique Toothpick Case

Deer Besieged by Dogs

George Grove Candlesticks

A Small Whalebone Fid

French Ivory Box

George V by Sydney March

Model of a Smack from 1800.

Whalebone Cribbage Board

Cassetta Frame

17th Century Lunette Grille

Campaign Chest with a Secretaire

Young Hercules Strangling Serpents


Heron Candlesticks

A Pair of Stork Candlesticks

A Cape Dutch House

Naval woolwork of a ship at sea

American Andirons

Karlsbad Night & Day

Saint John

Coquilla Nut Scent Flask

Optimus Lens

Storm on a Sperm Whale's Tooth

The Duke of Wellington

'Coral' Photo Frame

Cube Tea Caddy

Novelty Vanity Case

Paktong Huguenot Candlesticks

Fine French Snuff Box

Seaside Souvenir Casket

Coach Lamps

Bellarmine or Bartmannkrug

Gothic Brass Dish

Prince of Wales triple Photograph Frame

Georgian Toasting Fork

Wrought Iron Toasting Fork

Mr. & Mrs. Fisher of Stroud

Dutch Style Electrolier

Adam's Style Candlesticks

French Candlestick C.1700

An Unusual Candlestick

Three Neoclassical Candlesticks

Spanish Candlestick

Rare 18th Century Candlesticks

An 18th Century Pepper Dispenser

Portrait of an Officer

Military Academy Candlestick

Les Capitales De L'Europe

George II Scallop Base Candlestick

Scallop Base Candlestick

A Neoclassical Paktong Candlestick

Le Lion De Florence

Baluster-Stemmed Taperstick

Single Huguenot Brass Candlestick

George I Taperstick

Single Petal Base Candlestick

A Soldier's Woolwork

H.M.S Bulldog  

Painted Model Palanquin

Game Pheasant

Onyx & Hardstone Strut Clock

A Collection of Horn Canes


Herb Chopper

Horse in a Landscape

Tailor's Receipt

Empire Portrait

The Royal Scots Military woolwork.

Corinthian Column Paktong Candlesticks

Diana of Gabii


Silver Hip Flask

Early Victorian Doorstop

A Big Dog

A Regency Silkwork

Neoclassical Square Column Candlesticks

China & Glass

Snake & Grapes

Staircase Finials

George II Petal-Based Candlesticks

Stork & Crown Candlesticks

Whaler's Fid

Herrengrund Cup

Herrengrund 'Coopered' Cup

18th Century Brass Candlesticks

Souvenirs of a Not-Grand Tour

Persian Pen Case

J. Rabone & Sons Presentation Ruler

Honour Tobacco Box

Caucasian Dagger Kinjal Kama

Rococo Revival Corkscrew

Curious Scarf Clip

English Carved & Gilded Frame

Shell-Based Brass Candlesticks

Masonic Miniature

Hogscraper Candlesticks

Silkwork and Relics

Amatory Snuff Box

Richard Griffin, 2nd Baron Braybrooke

Glocestershire (Gloucestershire)

Shropshyre Described The Sittuation Of Shrowesbury Shewed ...

Herfordshire by John Speed

French Pique Box

The Press Gang......

An Early Spanish Candlestick

George II Petal-Based Candlesticks

Chinese Export Trunk

Dinghy Crib

Lomani Ivory Drinking Cups

Substantial Dividers

Pocket Sundial

Gripsholm Castle

Country House Tray Stand

George III Tray Stand

Mounted Coconut

A Pair of Plate Stands

Tartanware Needle Wallet

Cicero Centred Alms Dish

Chien Braque

William Bullock Columned Lamp

Weathervane Pennant

A Fine Quaich

Numbered Tags

Carved Wood Tazzas

Hackler's Pride

The Farmyard by Benjamin Zobel

Officer of the Royal Artillery

Temple Gong

Book Boxed Dominoes

Curtain Ties

Toad Snuffbox

Captain Wilson

A Tribute to the Memory of Horatio Nelson

The Manor House Dulwich

Admiral Lord Nelson of the Nile.

A Fabulous Kitchen

Victory of the Nile

Model Field Cannon

Mylne's Bridge at Blackfriars

Ilex, Winner of the Grand National in 1890

A Team of Percheron Draught Horses

Prince Regent

Fowler's Phrenology Head

Victorian Doorstop

Elkington Bronze Bust

Game & Seafood Still-Lifes

Interiors by Crace

Hare & Pheasant Still-life

'Marlborough Theatricals'

Animal Affection & Innocent Recreation

A Bullfinch Amongst Fruit

The Larder by Benjamin Blake

Rosewood Writing Box

French Cavalry Regimental Clock

Silver Inkwell

A Plumber's Walking Cane

A Brass Kitchen Caster

M.B. Export Trunk

A German Hunter's Horn

City of London Property Mark No.33

Lignum Vitae Wool bowl

Square Based Neo-Classical Candlesticks

A Ship-of-the-Line

Two Ships Passing a Fortification

A Frigate and Flags

Mrs. Mecklenburgh's Trunk

Trunk with Fitted Interior

Northern European 'Alms' Dish

H.M.S. Doris

Fire Mark for The Royal Exchange

Elkington Hotel Plate

Evening or the Relapse

Thames Barges Before Tower Bridge

The Thames to the East

A Young Lady's Portrait

Eighteenth Century English Frame

A Carved English Frame

Regency Mahogany Mirror

Tobacconists Shop Window Sign

Long Dog Tiller Arm

Miniature Bow-Fronted Chest of Drawers


Emma Hamilton

A Chest of Drawers Workbox

Malacca & Piqué-Work Cane

A Gentleman's Cane

The Topsail Schooner Sterling of Fowey

The Four Seasons after Tenniers

A Cat in the Game Larder

Iron Framed Folding Chair

William IV Doorstop

Lord Gambier

Georgian Decagonal Teacaddy

Shop-Window Ruler

Cannon-Barrel Paktong Candlestick

Rosewood Level

Sunday Best Out Riding

Side Drum Biscuit Barrel

Unusual Bell Metal Candlesticks

WILLIAM HODGSON Brass Chain Measure

Sow & Piglets by Zobel

Irish Candlesticks from the Order. of St. Patrick.

A Pair of Herrengrund Cups

North River Steamboat Snuffbox

Nelson after Mr. Bowyer

Garden of Versailles

Veue du Chateau de Marli du bas du grand Parterre

Stilton Scoop

Portraits of the Oliver Family

Garden Tools

Campaign Cutlery Set

George Perkin's Level

Thomas King as Puff

The Farm House on Fire

Naive Ship's Portrait

Campaign Shelves

Hunt Theme Clock

Franz Bergman Fox

Petal-Based Candlesticks

Neoclassical Candlesticks

Xebec Off Gibraltar by David James

The Game Larder by Benjamin Blake.

Herrengrund Cup with the Legend

Royal Highnesses at the Opera House

Seam Rubber

Mason Decoy Drake

Small French Candlesticks

Tramp Art in a Box

Morse Ivory Heart-Shaped Box

House in a Box

A Set of Four Paktong Candlesticks

Mahogany Wall Cabinet

Six-Flute Candlesicks

S.S. City of Rome

Scallop Based Brass Candlesticks

Commedia Dell~Arte after John Cheere

Rare Form of Petal Based Candlesticks

Frances Stuart, Countess of Portland.

French Candlesticks

Masonic Treasury Box

Parcel Scale

Satin Birch Side Table

Hare & Pheasant by Benjamin Blake

Nelson, Trollope, Faulknor & Hood

Sculptor's Calipers

'Danger' after Herbert Dicksee

Massive Mortar Clock

A Spanish Gentleman

Egyptian Revival Clock Set

Benjamin Blake: A Larder with Fish and Ducks

Gold Prize Bowls

Napoleonic Prisoner of War Snuffbox

Pollokshields Bowling Club Prize Bowls

Bridgeton Bowling Club Prize Bowls

Cupar Bowling Club Presentation Bowls

Military Campaign Easel

Ship's Red Signal Lamp

W & T Avery Brass Balance

Repousse Tobacco Box

Wrought Iron Cross

Woman's Valuable (Tolúk)

Sneyd Family Hatchment

Micro Mosaic Spaniel

Fine Aldershot Chest

Spaniel in a Landscape

Indo-Chinese Campaign Chest

Dutch Farrier's Tobacco Box

Stoneware Garden Urns

A Neapolitan Creche Figure

Cavalry France 1916

Book-Form Lap-Desk

Shove Ha'penny

Specimen Woods Sewing Box

Coromandel Coast Storm Lights

Campaign Box

Cast Plaster Miniature

Hearts, Clubs & Dominoes

Large Dutch Tobacco Box

Rustic Photo Frame

Tent-Topped Tortoiseshell Teacaddy

Larger Mason's Duck

Georgian Brass Candlesticks

Ocean Swell by John Loos

Cut Glass Corinthian Column Lamp

Builder's Level

Russian Bear Inkwell

A Fine Young Lady

Charles Phillips Esq. Barrister

Prize Silver Snuffbox

Boxed Winders

Buffalo Horn Palanquin

A George III Harewood Teacaddy

The Young Student

Rembrandt's Mill

William 111 Candlestick

Holbein's Wife

Buddhist Blotter

Suffolk by John Speed

Lancashire Dresser workbox

Artist's Stencil Set

Francis Barker Sundial

Engine Turned Ivory Monocular

File by The Duke of Teck


Invitation to Mansion House

A Regency Luggage Stand

Dray Horses by Zobel

A Country House Garrison

A Pair of Ship's Helm Desk Pieces

Ship & Flags Snuffbox

Rare Toy Ark

Brighton Bun

Nelson Tribute

La Nouvelle Yorck


West Indies Shellwork

The Farmers Visit

Puppet Toys

Edmund Burke

Still Life by J. H. S. Mann

'Bowzebeus and Cicly'

The Woodman by Bartolozzi

Wool Work Picture of H.M.S. Marlborough

The Letter 'Y'

17th Century Beam Balance

The Bakehouse Close Edinburgh

Tuder & Leader Candlesticks

Iron Pot-Hook

A George III Tortoiseshell Teacaddy

Berlin Iron Watchstand

A Model of Christ's Crucifixion Cross

Sewing Box with View of The Louvre

Wool Work of H.M.S. Agememnon

Scribe's Box

Mason's Decoy Duck

Naive Portrait of a Man

Louis XIV fan leaf,

A Girl Sketching a Portrait on the Ground

Sheraton Revival Gallery Easel

Engraving by Riollet after Teniers

Edmund Nye & Thomas Barton Tunbridge Ware

Naive Portrait

A Pair of Georgian Silkwork Pictures

Nuremburg Alms Dish

French Character Candlesticks

An Elegant Young Woman

Queen Anne Pique Snuff Box

Winfield Rocking Chair

Mrs Duff & Lady Heathcote

George II Petal-Based Candlesticks

Stable Talk

Brills Baths Brighton

Engraved Spice Box

Shell Inkstand

Silkwork Picture of Flowers

The Deliverence of St. Peter

Angling & The Anglers Repast

Curling Stone Presentation Box

A Portrait of a Girl with her Terrier.

Brig "Sisters"

American School Portraits

Corn Stook

Tunbridge Ware Book Slide

A Polar Night

Victorian Cast Iron Stickstand

Gillows Table-Top Chest

Benjamin West & Family

Winter Skater

A Great Find & The Spoilt Supper

Hand Screw Clamp

Chinese Tea Chest

English Watts Frame

Miss Penelope Boothby

A Funeral Achievement

Downhearth Skillet

Top-Sail Schooner Camellia

The King's Horse Florizel II

Boudoir Clock

Carriage Horse Clock

Coaching Clock and Barometer

Blackwood Table

Gothic Revival Sculpture Stand No.1

Gothic Revival Sculpture Stand No.2

The Letter 'K'

High-Backed Armchair

'Loaf of Bread' Tortoiseshell Teacaddy

Heraldic Cranes

Tortoiseshell Teacaddy by Lund


A Fine Luggage Stand

A Pair of Teak Trunks

Sentinel by Herbert Dicksee

Heals Coromandel Cabinet

George III Tripod Table

Elk Horn Lap Desk

Italian Frame

Nuremburg Brass Alms Dish

An Exceptional Teacaddy


A Young Widow in Mourning Dress

Pembroke Table

A Chestnut Hunter & Terrier

Sir Walter Ralegh Tobacconist sign

Faulkner and Trollope

Shagreen Covered Coffre Fort

Minton King of Clubs

Sunday or The Happy Cottagers

Interior View of the Colosseum

Grand Tour Candlesticks

A Campaign Chair

"Coming In"

Smack Elizabeth Phylis

Quarterings of Sir Fleetwood

'Scottish' Character Candlesticks

Tooth-Pick Box

London & Croydon Railway

Sighting Level

A Pair of Doorstops

Old Harry

Oak & Brass Humidor

Sir Walter Scott

Three Cape Chairs

Elephant & Fish

Regency Lap-Desk

Fire Bucket

A Troupe of Elephants

The Fire Engine Lamp

An 18th Century English Frame

A Schooner Off of Dover

Hymne a la Paixe

River Launch Wheel

Portrait of Cedric Hardwicke in the role of King Magnus

A British Officer.

A Victorian Level

Diorama: Barque Storm King

Trophy Stirrup Clock

A Child & Her Doll


Tupped Sheep & A Donkey by Zobel

Goncalo Alves Whatnot

"Take Heed Die"

Three Tier Whatnot

The Armorials of...

William IV Whatnot

Blonde Teacaddy

Anglo-Indian Occassional Table

The Parlour Game of Squails

Campaign Boot Jack

Visiting Greenwich

Riches Patent Honour Boxes

Barquentine Gladstone

Pont du Gard & Arena of Nime

Essex or Middlesex Truncheon

English Strut Clock

Logge del Vaticano

"Che Sara Sara"

Irish Zogroscope

The Soldiers Return

A Complete Set of Bronze Measures

A Chest of Many Drawers

Gunpowder Storage Flask

Bird Cage

Boxwood Foot Measure

Roman Lamps

Warming Pan Lid Lights

Manufacturer's Sample

Portrait of a Ship Owner

Table Croquet

Rosewood Stool

Banded Serpentine Candlesticks


Pitt The Younger

French Wine Vessel

The Bear Family Candlesticks

Strong Box

Hot-Air Balloon Cigar Box

Engraved Neoclassical Candlesticks

Three Children

Teak & Brass Box

Ashanti Elephant Stool


The Great Western

Racing Yachts

Oak Stool in the Gothic Style

The Marriage Contract

Tea Clipper "North"

The Evelyn Wood

Coach & Horses Clock

Watercolour Painting of London Bridge

The Denbighshire

Maritime Desk Compendium

Model Carronade Carriage.

Grained Trunk

Giant Rim Lock & Key

Tunbridge 'Whitewood' Watchstand

Gabriel the Archangel

A Still Life of Grapes

Scottish Candlesticks

Reformed Gothic Candlesticks

Campaign Travelling Candlesticks

Engraved and Gilt Box

Miss Greenway

Cut Glass Lamp

Capt. John Rooper of The Rifle Brigade

Naval Officer

Sample Door

Vizagapatam Box

William 1V Tipstaff

'Mulberry' Teacaddy.

Lely Frame

Vacani Frame

Charles X Frame

Portrait of a Young Girl

Maritime Diorama

Cut Glass & Gilt-Bronze Lamps

Four Tiered Whatnot

A Georgian Silkwork Picture

The Lord Shaftsbury

Portraits of Three Children

Mappin & Son Salmon Carver

Marquis of Granby


Columnar Paktong Candlesticks

Unusual Bell Metal Candlesticks

Ship's Wheel Clock & Barometer

Campaign Mahogany Silver Chest

Dutch Glass Teacaddy

Herrengrund Cup with a Verse

Newman's Artists Easel

Anglo-Chinese Campaign Desk

A Nativity Figure

Steel & Brass Footman

Welsh Footman

Barber Surgeon's Shaving Bowl

Stoneware Tankard

Gillows Table

Pin Pricked Beggar